Powerheart G5 AED with ICPR

Whether you are an experienced rescuer or a first-time responder, you will appreciate how the Powerheart G5 AED combines ease of use, reliability, and advanced technologies to help victims survive sudden cardiac arrest. The Powerheart G5 AED with Intellisense CPR provides real-time, Guideline-driven feedback to ensure delivery of high-quality compressions. One-button dual-language functionality and comprehensive self-tests give rescuers the confidence to act.


Powerheart G5 – Technical Specifications

Intellisense Electrode Pads with CPR

Non-polarized pads can be placed in either location on the chest, while CPR pad is placed in the center of the chest to guide proper hand placement for CPR compressions.

Battery Life

Battery Standby Life (once installed): 4 years with daily self-test. End of life indicated by a low-battery warning (audible tone) and Rescue Ready status indicator (typical remaining shocks: 9).


User-paced voice and text prompts guide rescuers through each critical step of the rescue, including CPR instruction.

Display Screen

Displays rescue prompts and critical rescue information. Intellisense CPR (ICPR) feedback provides corrective text prompts for both rate and depth.

Dual Language

Change from primary to secondary language with the push of a button, without delaying or interrupting the rescue.

Performing effective CPR is crucial during a cardiac emergency and often leads rescuers to wonder, "Am I doing CPR properly?" With Intellisense CPR Feedback, providing effective CPR compressions is now within reach.

Thanks to a compact design, Intellisense CPR Feedback may be used on patients of all chest sizes. Motion sensor technology – the same technology used on most smart phones – provides rescuers with immediate voice prompts if their CPR compression rate and depth are outside the 2015 AHA-acceptable parameters.

The easy-to-use, intelligent CPR device works in combination with your Powerheart® G5 automated external defibrillator to deliver potentially life-saving CPR and defibrillator therapy.


  • Real-Time CPR Feedback
    The Powerheart® G5 AED uses Intellisense™ CPR (ICPR) technology to monitor CPR chest compressions, providing rescuers with distinct corrective audible and visual prompts: “Press Slower”, “Press Faster”, “Press Softer”, and “Press Harder and Fully Release”.
  • Rescue Ready®
    The Powerheart G5 AED performs comprehensive self-testing to ensure it’s ready to rescue. Studies have shown that approximately 46% of AED failures are due to pad, pad connector, or battery power problems. The Powerheart G5 AED self-tests detect and help prevent these issues.
  • User-Paced Rescue Prompts
    RescueCoach® prompts guide users step-by-step through the rescue process. The AED recognizes actions taken and ensures that the rescuer completes every critical task before moving on to the next.
  • Dual-Language Capabilities
    With a touch of a button, CPR Instruction, ICPR corrections, and AED prompts can quickly switch from the primary language to a preprogrammed alternate language without delaying the rescue.


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